Andras Kovacs-Magyar’s massage method:

DruidThroughout the world there are many gifted miraculous healers  able to produce effective strokes on the skeletons dislocations.
Our teacher has been collected  these unique catches,treasures for many years and put them together. The amount of energy, quality massage, and effective catches making this method perfect. This method is the most efficient solution to the physical shifts of the body on the World.



ReflexologyReflexology is one of the most ancient healing methods.More than 4000 years old science.Our feet is a map which contains  the reflex points of all our organs.Through our feet we get a picture about the condition of  them while we also heal them.An energy meridian belongs to each zone, which is connected to the organs. While stimulate the zones with massage energy floats to this meridians our organism reactivates self-healing process and inspires the cells to renew.



Lymphatic Massage:

LymphOur bodies are interweaved  by the lymphatic system, the same way as the blood system. This system is responsible for the defecation of our body from the toxins. In the proper functioning of our lymphatic system play very important role the active exercising, quality nutrition and the right amount of water intake!
No smoking, drugs, medicaments, rubbish food, a man-made material that can’t be absorbed, obstructs  the lymphatic vessels. Then congestion and edema occurs which leads to disease. Our aim is to re-launch the proper flow of  the lymph  and remove from our bodies the unwanted deposits and toxins.



Quantum energy healing:

IMG_0113Our bodies are surrounded by the aura. Our physical body is feeded by energy from the aura. Aura is divided into seven different parts.
If in any of our seven bodies arises confusion, harmony of the body will fall over, and we get  sick. Our challenge is to determine which body is confused, and advise You solution.
The Universe is kept together and powered by universal power.
This power can be called Creator God.
The Energy unbuckled from that power we use for energy healing.




vizer-csomopont-fejnel_20121002205446_26András Kovács-Magyar has observed during diagnosis and aura measuring of   one million people, that in the background of vast majority of the chronic diseases is a strange, invisible phenomenon. It can occur that people’s bed at night or their seats in their workplaces are “in the wrong place”, above earth radiation.
The earth has a negative radiation which is harmful to the health and is called geopathic radiation.
These are the Hartmann zones and underground water veins.