Quantum Energy Healing…


It is the most secret healing method, and the one that is closest to human beings. At the beginning, it was just called bioenergy. Samewhere it’s called light transfer, chi transfer, Prana transfer, and other methods. We would simply call it Extra Energy from the nature of man. First we clear away negative charges from, and fix the aura, and recharge the organs in need of energy. The rule with this methods is that the endocrine organs have to be treated.
Bioenergy, is the extra energy that accumulates in the body, that can be transferred. To put it simply, the different energy levels of people (patient and healer) will equalize. The patient (receiver) receives energy, while the healer (transmitter), having excess energy, transmits energy.
During practice and treatment, those that practice this recognize the energy field that we live in. They can “grab” energy, and transfer it to the sick organ, in the form of appropriate vibration through their bodies for “medication”, Thus they play the role of a transmitter. The healers personality will determine in what field he will become a specialist. Same diseases can be cured in 1 – 2 sessions, while others may take 4 – 5 or more. In general, chronic inflammations, headaches, joint problems and contractures improve.
However, specialists can cure hyperthyroidism, cysts, ear and eye , allergies, paralysis, vasoconstriction etc.
Bioenergy is very much depends on the person practicing it, and the only way to see if one is a specialist in a certain field is to see if he has cured any people with that particular disease.
We have not mentioned “bioenergeticist” or people healing without an instrument. This field cannot be impersonal, just like physics, mathematics, music and painting. E.g. physics is marked by Newton, mathematics is marked by Bolyai, music is marked by Beethoven, and painting is marked by Munkacsi.
Every energeticist should stand behind his name, his ability and the limits of his ability, and should never hide behind his title. Many people have lost faith in naturopathy, because of the unsuccessful treatment of healers, who call themselves naturopaths. As there are no two mathematicians, painters or composers alike, the same way there are no two bioenergeticist, chiropractors, acupuncture practitioners or homeopaths alike.
Not every bioenergeticists can heal the same disease with the same efficiency. If there is no considerable improvement after the first treatment, than the chances with that healer are slim. I do not agree with those that predict improvement after 10-20 sessions. In our opinion, the healer will either start the healing process in 1-2 sessions, or he never will. The healer, to be honest, has to tell the patient what his success rate is for these cases, and what the patient can expect according to his experience. If the patient does not feel the warmth, or the tingling of energy, or any improvement, than it is not worth experimenting with that healer anymore. If after a long period of sickness the patient improves, but no “miracle” happens, he should understand that energetics is a method that needs time to reset the balance in the human system.
If a certain level is reached in recovery, and the system does not improve more, despite additional energy, than it has to be admitted, that this method could do this much for this particular patient.