Healed eczema with Matrix Drops

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My eczema of 30 years healed after using Matrix Drops products

For 30 years I fought a battle with my stubborn hand eczema.
I used steroids to alleviate my symptoms. My doctors neither promised anything nor suggested recovery.
The skincare professionals suggested that it might become „symptom-free ”.
I have tried many alternative methods; I had not given up. However answers from different experts were very similar one to another.


I have heard many times: „This is a psychosomatic symptom, there is no cure for it.”
After many miserable years I once again had to face the answer „psychosomatic symptom”, but this time, I was told that there is cure for it: Individual revelation and solution to our memories hidden behind our psychosomatic problems is the key.


I was not prescribed medication but I was measured with the Matrix Drops Computer.
The measuring lasted about 30 seconds,then as I was reading the analysis on the screen of the computer, I started my time travel experience to the past. I met with my past emotional pain and ache that I assumed were long time gone from my life.
I received some bottles of Matrix Drops product indicated by the Matrix Drops Computer for my past emotional traumas that only I knew about. It was revealed that the cause of my eczema was the accumulation of heavy metals in my body; which was unknown to me before, however an existing fact. I did not balance things in the past, since everything I read about my surrounding’s surpassed everything I could ever imagine. I felt like an innocent child who was treated as an adult first time his life.
I don’t know what happened with my soul, but my stubborn long lasting ezcema disappeared in a few weeks. It is a fact, since then I am much more calmer, as if I was awakened from a bad dream.
My eczema of 30 years healed after using Matrix Drops products
I know, that I am not the only person in the world who was suffering from ezcema, but it is a honor if others share my happiness while they read my little story.
I thank Kovács-Magyar Ildikó and András for introducing me to the world of miracles, of which the Matrix Drops Protocol was a part. I experienced a world, which I have never imagined would exist. I am eager to learn about its details and secrets. I will attend the 2017 October 14 and 15 self-awakening school led by Kovács-Magyar András.


Respectfully: Konstantin