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You can see it if you believe in it
Good advice is the only thing nobody ever followed
All hopeless things hold the seed of new hope



At the edge of the suburbs of Budapest is where we found the classicist style residence of our interview subject, András Kovács-Magyar. As we stepped through the gates, a wonderful picture of paradise opened up in front of us.



First off, we were greeted by a raven carved from black granite. As far as the eye can see a masterfully planned dream garden surrounded the group of buildings which is the home for András and his wife, Ildikó.


Two huge dogs – the owners’ favorites – greet us. On the terrace that offers an enchanting view of the hills of Buda, we drank fantastic coffee from exquisitely beautiful, custom-designed porcelain cups which bear the secret symbol of the alchemists’ MM logo, ate biscuits and discussed the strategy on how we would start the interview. We decided to start with the garden which held the promise of a great time travel experience.


The majestic Hungarian hounds – Brandon and Santiago – followed our every step. Happy chirps of birds were all over the estate. Our host kindly showed us the special features of the garden.


Through the residence and the park runs a positive Saint George line, which has very good radiation.


These menhirs, liths or standing stones mark the place. Based on local legends we stand in the old location of a communication channel with the heavens. This is where King Mathias had his stables for his most valuable horses. On energy lines like this is where the cultic cathedrals of the gnostic world were erected. I have been researching this mystical energy grid for decades.


While picking raspberries from the bushes, we looked at the stables where I was able to pet the arabian thoroughbred, Shaga, and her companions.


– We love horseback riding, too. We adore plants and animals; they are integral parts of our lives. Their presence stimulates spontaneous expression of emotion, unconditional love and devotion. These hundreds of rose bushes bloom almost the entire length of the summer. They are the symbol of my adoration towards my wife. Here, everything is sprayed with Matrix Drops programmed water exclusively and the happiness of plants and animals can be sensed.

– I just received an SMS that 5 hectars of potatoes were sprayed with our products and all potato-beetles disappeared.

We are heading towards the palm house. This is where we invite our friends from the Elite Club. We have a school where we work on the development of self-awareness. People graduating from this school can then gain admission into our Elite Club where they may broaden their experience by being exposed to new knowledge. Before we headed back to the terrace to talk, I had the opportunity to admire an enormous South American amethyst crystal block.



– How did your amazing life journey start which today is perhaps at its peak?


– Once upon a time I used to be a materialist electrical engineer, but 25 years ago I faced a serious illness. Since doctors could not help me I looked for people with special abilities. One of their teachings was simple but powerful: move my bed to a place in the house which is free of geopathic radiation. I asked why it is needed. „Mr. Kovács, you need to do this because where you sleep today an underground water channel runs in the deep. You have to recognize that many things exist even though you may not be aware of them. I moved my bed and 3 days later the problem that was torturing me disappeared. Only after my own recognition and living through the positive experience did my teacher tell me the next steps on the path to full recovery. A journey in deep consciousness followed then another CT test which clearly showed that my tumor had vanished.


– What did this illness teach you which you, combined in a system, pass on to others world-wide?


– For 30 years, I have been continuously educating myself and teaching to others what I have experienced in practice. My faith stems from having a spiritual attitude and not from being credulous. Today, I teach students to see things that other people may be looking at but can’t recognize. When I recovered, I thought it impossible not to get to know to the finest detail what I can thank my life for. I wanted to understand what happened during those fantastic 2-3 months. What does sleeping in a bad place mean? How does the magical tensor work? To my delight, I found a fantastic man, Baron Loránd Eötvös, who was the President of the Academy of Sciences in Hungary, and who took the magical rod our of the haze of the Middle Ages and made it speak. In the 1901 World Exhibitions, he received first place for it. Its use was instituted even in medical universities in Europe and in the United States.

In the 1980’s, for the first time in the world, I created such a map system which, up to 99% accuracy, can show what kind of geopathic radiation causes what type of illness when living organisms, such as humans, animals or plants, stay in such zones.

I also identified positive radiation zones which have an enhancing effect on all. Such are Saint George lines which were marked even in the era of Atlantis with huge boulders. Hence we greatly appreciate this mystic place where we can live and create.


A lot of people give healing energies to their patients, but only a few of us deal with the issue of where people lose their free energies. Beyond geopathic radiation, we may lose a lot of energy due to incorrect nutrition. Also, a bad thought can consume as much energy as running a marathon. False beliefs make it impossible to develop. At the end of the 1980’s I created Hungary’s first private healing center which has been successfully operating ever since.


Besides the development of the garden, respect and love towards the values of past times can be clearly recognized in the furnishings of the house…


I consider gothic style to be the peak of architectural design, although the Hungarian remnants of this have been swept away by the storms of history. Today, ideology has stepped in to replace old value systems.


Our home carries the markings of the classicist style. The naming of this style stems from the latin word „classic”, which originally referred to exquisite. To our family our home means this to us. The form is only new in its content since it originates from mythology and it’s part of the antiques. With this ever valid style, other, interior artifacts carrying different messages, can nicely get on.


Thankfully, nowadays there are no social forces that specify to the finest detail what kind of styles can be used to build houses. At the same time, unfortunately, the elite that can dictate the direction with a fine sense of taste has been receding into the background while the conventional approach leaves permanent marks on common social taste. Independent of educational intents, we are also not free of the presence of a suspicious proletariat, even though only those can become artists that create, collect; but even those are artists that can understand and can become a patron of art.


We are worshippers of stylish, clean, sophisticated articles for personal use which, in addition to fulfilling their function, have been created in artistic fashion. We value handcrafted articles as well as items that combine multiple art forms and all the timeless messages with deep meaning that have been woven into their fabric.






We have artifacts which we inherited and others that we have resurrected from their ashes. Occasionally, we may get touched by items during our travels. Our children finished architectural, law, economics and medical schools yet what is common among them is the mutual desire for and respect toward past memories. At the same time, they are young people having the total freedom with artistic form.

One may gather strength from the clean perfection of the past. I spent a lot of time researching mythology, history about which I have a series of lectures that can be found on under the ’mythology’ heading. In my books and films, I brought a lot of facts to the surface that had been secretly hidden from the public. My favorites are the alchemists, the gnostics, templars that, during the 1100 and 1300’s, laid the foundation and revitalized architectural, cultural, economic, financial, health and spiritual things at such scale for which there’s no match even today. Following their murder the dark Middle Ages eclipsed Europe. I believe that the world has not recovered from this undignified, unjust treatment. The following observation is still true: if a genius appears, the witless and the jealous immediately rise up and conspire against him. The bad, the unambitious are defined by their behavior while the good is being constantly scrutinized by armies of the jealous.

However, we shall not be startled, as in anything hopeless there is the glimmer of new hope. Over and over again, great spirits are born.




My life philosophy and life journey reflect who my role models are. I’m looking for clean form in everything and I believe that this is the only way to get to the essential point of real values.


– I have heard of many questionmarks about you…

– I never settled for the superficial. My main driving force has always been to search for the truth. It appears the truth may hurt some people. Talented people pay respect when they see someone reaching great results in their profession and personal life. The demon of jealousy, judgements are far from such individuals. One must be happy for the success of others. Nobody should committ the mistake of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations. Beliefs are creating while false beliefs are destructive.

– Could you give an example of a special case of healing that you performed?

– There was the case of Robika Csárdás whose case was brought to light by a report on television. The surgeon opened his abdomen with suspicion of appendicitis when they realized there was a grave problem. Cancer had spread to his organs. They did not even operate on him and predicted that he would only live for two more days. When his mother brought him to us, my colleagues and I had done everything for the young boy. The at the time 5-year old boy completely recovered and showed no symptoms after two weeks. He is now a 13-year old, healthy teenager. In cases similar to this, I fold my hands for prayer and thank the Creator for allowing me to be part of such miracles.

– How did you get in contact with the spirit world?

– I was invited to Germany by a musician couple because their child became a diabetic. I detected spirits, entities in their home in Munich with the Matrix Drops Computer. After I helped, and not exorcised, these spirits over to the other world, the child’s diabetes disappeared. Due to being purer, children can see into these regions more easily and therefore they are probably much more vulnerable, too.

Many stories are told by those that have been involved. These can be read on my spirit world internet homepage as well as in my The Biggest Secret the Truth book.

For a long time, I did not consider the spirit world. Dr. Ákos Litzek, who learned in Brasil about communicating with spirits, led me into this realm. When Dr. Litzek came to Hungary, he had serious heart problems. He was actually about to be rolled into an operating room when a surgeon assistant whispered into his ear that there is a man, András Kovács-Magyar, who could probably help him without having to have the upcoming procedure. ’Turn me around then’ was the request of the patient and as such he avoided the operating room.


I treated him and using Matrix Drops products. I also helped him release his remorse and lessen the effects of spiritual problems which had already wounded his physical body. Two months later, he visited me again and, after my initial reservations, he led me into a special dimension, the spirit world. I became connected to such regions of the spirit world that I could not have had imagined or had even smiled at before.

A psychologist of NASA and a member of the scientific community, Dr. Sheila Kay, was asked what she thought about the spirit world. Her response: „The question is not whether spirits do or do not exist. Rather, the question is how long can their existence be kept from people!” Albert Szentgyörgyi said the following: „Scientists tell heavenly intuitions through the language of science and as such reveal them to people.” Reading the works of hundreds of Nobel prize winners, many admit that the material they received the Nobel prize for is something they received through heavenly intuition.

– You have published many books. Which one is the dearest to you?


– The Biggest Secret the Truth is. There I write about my research and synopses of the Middle Ages and I also mention my newest work and results in quantum physics. Furthermore, in there, I publish the experience of many people during personal encounters.


– Please share details about your biggest invention, the Matrix Drops Computer, which, I believe, is one of its kind in the world.


– The Matrix Drops Computer is such a metaphor in the mapping of the soul as the capstone is in Architecture. For over 20 years, we have been working on a computer serving conscious development which approaches our problems from the psychosomatic perspective. We tried to make measurable such phenomena as burdens on the body for which, until now, have not been an example. The machine reveals our potentially present, current spiritual and mental problems and the physical manifestations of them, domestic relationship challenges and accumulation of environmental factors. It recognizes the information patterns of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It detects heavy metal and electrosmog loads, the presence of the effects of geopathic radiation as well as entities. It shows the twists and turns of our past; it allows us to take a glimps into the current problem that defines our life and also projects the potential changes coming to us in the future.


Brain research has concluded that the brain has a section which stores things that are unquestionable. As soon as we hear things that contradict these, our brain almost automatically skips them. A vital question is whether we are able to over and over restructure previously acquired, fundamental knowledge and recognize our false beliefs.




– It’s a mistake when someone says, I believe it when I see it. However, what is reality? We may see it if we believe it! Our consciousness works so differently than how we believe it works. A healthy dose of belief, not blind faith or gullability, cannot be void of humility.

For many years people that believe both in me as a healer and in their own ability to heal themselves come to me. I have travelled all over the world; dozens of thousands have been healed using my system, but all of a sudden, a few patients started appearing that stated: I saw what you did for others; heal me, too. Expectation is present much more in these cases than humility and the power of belief. It reflects overconfidence when someone says: I will heal you. It’s just the same as when someone says: I have such a serious problem that nobody can help me. The correct approach is when the patient asks about what he can do to get better and heal.


I’m not giving overused advice to people, but rather reveal to them the governing rules of their higher dimensional consciousness. The reason I never give good advice is because that’s the only thing nobody has ever accepted. Common sense is no small matter. It rests on vast amounts of experience. In previous times, when the elderly was asked, they only answered in matters they had assurances through their personal experiences. Today it is mostly different and this destructive mechanism of the psyche causes unimaginable damages in idealism.




– Does your lovely and intelligent wife have the same approach to life?


– In addition to her extensive studies in economics, my wife studied homeopathy at the campuses of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, a subject which is one of the main spiritual points of interests for us. In impossible situations, she solves challenges with unmatched proficiency with the practical application of Matrix Drops information patterns. She deeply identifies with pains caused by emotional wounds and the door of gentle compassion is always open with her. She does not let today’s demands and expectations destroy delicate feminity. She strives to continue to be the woman that I can stay in love with forever.




– We plan traditional celebrations for our family and social gatherings where the emphasis is put on the spiritual meaning of the given holiday. Biggest happiness is to spend time with family, friends and students. Nothing can replace big discussions, the joy of lighting candles which connects us to our Creator.


The quality of life is affected by what kind of relationship we live in. We can fly and rise together. Our research, discoveries also connect us just as classical music, our affection towards arts from different eras, travels, sports…lot of common interests which further deepen our relationship.


Our new invention, the Matrix Drops, was developed by my wife and I, together. These are drops developed through such quantum physical methods that achieve their effect through invisible regions – emotions, thoughts, relationships, energies and our physical bodies. In the meantime, Ildikó sat down among us and joined the conversation:

We have a special life since we can work on what we like and even if we don’t live off our invention, we certainly live for it. Our everyday bread is a good dialog, reasoning, which makes our breakfasts, dinners elevated. Each sophisticated detail is a value code for me. Constant feedback from András are reference points for me and are necessary from my self-identification perspective. He is fond of new things; he is supporting high quality initiatives which lead to constant expansion of the Matrix Drops family of products with cosmetics and, even if surprising, a line of porcelain-ware.



Timeless beauty and eternal value which I first started collecting at a young age. Our own collection was designed by our family and is prepared by the Herend Porcelain Manufactury that has been creating the ’white gold’ since the 1850’s.




The meaning of the MM symbol is not to be found inside it but rather outside. The magic of the reserved elegance radiated by these sets is due to the hidden presence of empire and classicist styles and modern times details.




– In past times, the use of perfumes and cosmetics were considered as certain ornaments; today, these have become everyday parts of our lives. Thanks to unmatched success in research of quantum physics and nanotechnology, our Matrix Drops Diamond Cosmetics product family carrying the information pattern of diamond has earned the ’timeless miracle’ modality. It’s capable of delivering unique effects by harmonizing internal and external beauty, and, naturally, it’s free of any harmful additives. Primary users are people that want to protect their health, are looking for rejuvenation and who are rising above the average as unique individuals.


Our Matrix Drops Homeopathy toothpaste is the manifesto of a new era. If we consider that the pineal gland is the biological organ of the metaphysical ’third eye’, then we know that thanks to being free of menthol, soy, paraben, sugar, gluten and fluoride, the product can strengthen our intuitive capabilities.


– For all intents and purposes, what is the operating principle of the Matrix Drops?


– It is a quantum physical solution produced by teleportation which releases its effects in higher regions of our consciousness. During its use, the expansion of the aura can be objectively measured which is a definitely positive sign of an effect on our being. The perfect elemental information patterns trigger perfect operation in our organs. Its use aid us in getting rid of negative routines, unwanted habits. It leads us out of stagnating behavioral whirlpools while we may strenghten desired positive traits with its use. This is how we may prevent the physical manifestation of spiritual problems. Distinct characteristics of people living at high awareness levels is that they want to reach even higher levels of consciousness because their existing knowledge are no longer sufficient to fulfill their imaginations and dreams. In providing energy harmonization of animals and plants, Matrix Drops is also unique.


– What can we do so the world, and our lives in it, can become better?

– We shall have dreams, imagination and clearly defined goals for which we are willing to do something everyday. Don’t just drift with the current or sink into the marsh of exasperation. We shall not compare ourselves to others, but rather recognize our shortcomings and opportunities presented to us. In human development there’s a new form of freedom that is unfolding as we can free ourselves of unwanted programming of our subconscious. It is a wonderful experience to be free spiritually. And what we leave behind are our thoughts and style.

– I wish continued success and thank you for this wonderful and fulfilling day!

riporter: Benkő Erzsébet
Rezidencia magazine – 2016


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