Stress Disease 1.

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Andras Kovacs-Magyar: Stress Disease 1.

Dear reader, path seeker, healing seeker friend!
With love, I would like to give you the system, the way out of the labyrinth of your disease.
The solution is based on ancient methods and systems. Their effectiveness is proved by the results of millenniums. This system doesn’t wish to compete with modern age methods but simply show a different path for those who are disappointed in the methods and processes used nowadays.
As long as people are not disappointed in themselves, they don’t get to know the secrets of their soul. We are not the victims of our diseases but its ignorant originators. We have to act and think differently so that the changes we commit to bring revival in our lives.


Everybody has seven bodies. Visible, mysteriously perceived and invisible bodies. These bodies can be divided into 7 levels. If a disturbance arises in any of our existence levels, it will reflect on our health.
1st Level: Physical Body
2nd Level: Energy Body
3rd Level: Emotional Body
4th Level: Mental Body
5th Level: Relational Body
6th Level: Psychic Body
7th Level: Spiritual Body
Illnesses, so the stress disease as well, originates from the malfunction of any of our levels and will appear in our physical, touchable, visible body as well. Stress disease will be apparent on our face, creates stomach cramps, neck muscle cramps, lumbago, high blood pressure, heart rhythm irregularities, indigestion, breathing difficulties, hair loss problems. It can produce any physical symptoms in our body.
Let’s see then what we should sort out in order to reveal the reason of the mysteriously hidden diseases. The cause of stress can originate from the following malfunctions of the visible and invisible bodies:

1st Level
Physical Body

There are a few causes of stress that arise from the visible problems experienced in our physical body. Let’s see a few examples and their solutions as well.
Unfortunately researchers nowadays get only as far as the analysis, “cleverly” superficially but I have never seen real solutions anywhere. Now we can witness the rare moment that I wish to give you the solution as well. If you can’t identify with the descriptions below, try to change your mentality and with a personal meeting, we will find the solution.
Stress causing physical problems
Many overweight people panic and continuously stress, starting with hating their reflection in the mirror first thing in the morning. How could anyone like you if you don’t like yourself? You can’t love yourself if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. “Love your neighbour like thyself!”
There are energetic, emotional and spiritual reasons in the background of obesity but for now let’s just stick with the physical reasons which in the first place, is nutrition. So let’s see which foods lead to obesity.
I know all of us could quote millions of methods: Zen, macrobiotics, vegetarianism, body control, blood type nutrition etc. But please let me, in the possession of all these, give you universal keys which will work for everyone. Many people get scared of the complexity of some of these methods. I would like to give you an infinitely simple, effective and quick body weight harmonization method.
Recommended nutrition: avoid all gluten, milk, egg (egg white only), soy, margarine, sugar, soda drinks, sparkling water, anything treated with hormones and antibiotics in the meat section. Also avoid trans fats, aka fried food. Matrix Drops Protocol (MDP) contains the necessary changes.
One two slices gluten free bread, toast. (Sounds unbelievable, but white flour is more fattening, poisonous to our health than sugar.) Please be careful with brown bread as well, because the recent brown bread gets its colour not from the basic commodities but from the added colorants.
Olive oil. On toast for example. Olive oil contains nearly everything what our system eager for. Often we have eating compulsion because a sort of missing trace element, or vitamin provokes hunger. Our physical system can stress as well if something is missing from the nutrition for long. Who consuming olive oil, won’t have such a problem.
Meat and vegetables.
Meat and vegetables.
Do not eat meat together with potato, bread, garnish, only vegetables!
In the afternoon, if you are hungry, consume fruit. Eat biscuits (gluten free) only once a week, if desired. Instead of sugar use honey or glucose. It is not necessary to have dinner if you are not hungry. As soon as we start this nutrition, we will go through a change that could mean a 10-15 kg weight reduction and our body will set up its own harmonious weight. When you can finally be happy with what you see in the mirror, this happiness will shine from the spirit. When you love your body again, you make a huge step forward.
If someone suffers from chronic inflammation, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, allergies, hair loss, pimples, skin diseases, without this nutrition modification their problems are unsolvable. All these complaints and their other stressful symptoms are solvable by this method only. I know millions of methods exist and believe me when I say that I know nearly all of them. They cannot really show up results, only in exceptional cases.
These infinitely simple methods (perfected by myself) were born because I tested and realized the labyrinth of those complicated methods. However, I am delighted that I have tested all of them because my curiosity won’t push me to try them again. All those who stick with me will get the solution, not experiments.


2nd Level
Energy Body

Stress, like several other problems, can occur from the disturbances of our energy body. Imagine a nice vehicle with seemingly perfect, shining, 2000 cm3 engine, with beautiful wheels. There is only one problem: the battery is down, there is a short circuit which causes the battery problems every morning. We would like to go somewhere with our wonderful car but it won’t start because of lack of energy.
Try to imagine the feelings of this poor car. It’s stressed when the morning comes and the same thing happens again and again. The wrecker comes and starts the car but the same thing happens the next morning. After many hours of research, the mechanics finally discover the hidden short circuit, fix it and the battery works perfectly the next morning. The car starts in a second.
Put yourself in the place of the person who wakes up tired every morning, exhausted and sick, with swollen eyes. They struggle to even go to the bathroom. It takes all their strength to get to work. They’re not able to do their work without coffee. And this goes on for years. Once an inflammation appears somewhere in their body, it makes them even more tired. They take medication for it which solves the problem for a few days, but the weak immune system hasn’t improved and their body has to fight against the side effects of the antibiotics as well. Inflammations appear in the weak body again and again, spreading later to other organs as well and the disease becomes chronic.
Despite medical advice and treatments, the situation becomes even more critical. I note that nowadays 85% of the patients are chronically ill because despite the medical treatments, their diseases cannot be cured. Think about PCP, asthma, allergies, ovarian inflammation, prostate problems, high blood pressure (hypertonia), diabetes (diabetes mellitus), hair loss and other long term illnesses.
The sufferers of these diseases can stand their problems for a while, they often complain, as victims, live their fate, trying to get power from other people’s regret and understanding. After a while they might even criticize the doctor a bit as he couldn’t cure them. But the doctor is not the cause of the chronic diseases, it’s the lack of knowledge of the person carrying the disease.
Not knowing the cause of our problems, because we are ignorant, doesn’t absolve us from bearing the consequences. Time can be gained by medical care (a few weeks or days), to think and research what we have to do to abolish the mistakes that caused our disease to occur. To all these questions only and exclusively expertise can give us an answer. Not an esoteric pink cloud chasing thinking and not even a materialistic senile approach.
This certain expertise is the knowledge of the pervasive and surrounding energies of our organism and the recognition of its harming negative energies, the geopathic earth radiation.
A common phenomenon when such an expertise comes to light, is that those who try to disguise their ignorance say: “I don’t believe in it.”
Yes, they might say so, but we are not in a church where people believe, but in reality, where we can only recover from our disease if our thinking is not built on beliefs but experiences and knowledge.
The arrogant, incompetent people, when hearing a new concept, don’t say that they don’t understand it or that they have never heard about it, they say that they don’t believe in it. They easily refuse the methods that could bring them health. Arrogance is the biggest enemy of people. In reality people are their own biggest enemies.
I experienced in many cases that people who are a little bit at home in energetics, visit an energy healer and ask for an energy charge up. Usually bioenergy healers fall into the same mistake as doctors that they concentrate only on one thing, clearing away the disease. They correct the energy disturbances and let the patient go contentedly, who will feel just as bad in a few days. Why? Yes, this is the main question.
What disturbs, damages our aura and our energies?
I met great healers in India, China, South America, but their efficiency lasted only for a certain period of time. They didn’t recognize the cause that generates human energy disturbances. This phenomenon is the geopathic earth radiation. Hartman zones’ and underground streams’ harmful effects on our bodies.
I’ve been researching this phenomenon for the last 20 years. I examined more than 400.000 people and I have never seen a case of a chronically inflamed, cancerous person where in the background of the disease the negative earth radiations had not been present. Healing these diseases and energy disturbances only works with one condition. This is the divining, measuring of our bed locations and, if needed, changing the position of our bed to geopathic radiation free places.
However, let me draw your attention to some very important things. It’s essential to entrust this task to a person who is under continuous control, someone who is a perfect diviner. The number of these expert diviners is very small. The number of the practitioners is huge. There is a “Taltos” community where these geopathic earth radiation diviners are certified weekly. They measure the same premises one after the other and at the end I analyse their measuring results. We always analyse the auras of the patients who turn to us. If someone sleeps above geopathic radiation, their aura is injured. The aura is cleanable, reparable.
By the second meeting, if the person arrives with an intact aura, that is a proof that the divining of his living space was adequate.
There are two methods that validate the correctness of the house divining. There is only one way of protecting the wholeness of our energy body and that is the positioning of our bed and working space on geopathic radiation free locations. If we are just passing through these places, there’s no harm.


It is a problem if we spend hours in these locations. The deterioration of our health can lead to stressful spiritual properties but if our head gets above geopathic earth radiation at night, the hazard is even much higher.
Common headaches, a constant energy weak head produces serious stressful symptoms. Actually, the body signals, asking for assistance. This doesn’t happen in the form of a lightbulb switching on, saying: “Help, I’m in geopathic radiation” but the signal is the pain, the despair. There is a huge difference between being aware of geopathic radiations and arrogantly saying: “I don’t believe in it”.
As long as an underground stream runs under our head every night, the chances of depressive, stressful attitudes are much increased. My measurements proved that if someone’s bed is positioned on a node of underground water streams and the head is above the node, suicide follows in 2-3 years in these bad places. I have found more than 30 of these locations through geopathic radiation divining.
There was a flat in Budapest, where a well-known actress, Vera Farago called me out, whose headache of 5 years I managed to solve in a few minutes by rearranging her room. Her friend, in her final despair, didn’t know who to turn to. By divining her room I told her that in that flat no one died by natural causes. She was aware of it because 3 occupants had already committed suicide in the property. Their head was positioned above an underground stream node and in all three cases this led to stress, depression and finally, lost in the labyrinth of unsuccessful medical treatments, they all finished their lives by suicide. The friend of the famous actress Vera Farago understood all these things. The actress’ bed was moved straight away in the middle of the room and for the last 20 years she has been feeling great, her headaches, stress, depression disappeared.


3rd Level

Emotional Body

Our feelings can give us wings or can sink us into the swamp of desperation. It really matters if our feelings manipulate us or if we manipulate our feelings.
Dealing with invisible bodies is not taught in schools unfortunately, but we owe the most essential part of our existence to these bodies, our feelings, our emotional life. If our feelings get into a critical situation by ignorance, we may become stressed, depressed. Many hard spiritual situations strengthen people but unfortunately in many cases numbness follows. Fear from further disappointment often creates stressful behaviour in people.
The weight of old unsolved emotional memories weigh on people’s emotional bodies like heavy stones. Unfortunately, people carry these unsolved emotional memories with themselves for even 20, 30, 80 years. In a similar situation, a tiny hint is enough from the past’s painful emotional events (a smell, a colour, a word, a movement), for the pain of the previous years to shoot out suddenly and devastate the emotionally overloaded stressed person. There is an existing method that I perfected for many years and this is called “memory weight removal”. With this method we are able to remove the weight of the already happened painful memories, the heavy millstone from people’s emotional bodies.


4th Level
Mental Body

A positive, life-affirmative thought raises up people to the sky, a negative thought can pull them down to the grave.
There are two invisible switches in everyone. A life switch and a death switch. Knowingly or unknowingly, people are continuously switching them up and down with their thoughts by their creative power. Thoughts are the most refined, invisible bodily manifestation of our being. The preparedness and pureness of our thoughts can become the guideline of our lives. Chaotic thoughts can become our enemies. Random thoughts lead to stressful situations by stretching the nerves.
The guidelines of our thoughts is given by our values and ideology. If our theoretical guidelines are injured or we want to comply with more than one ideology, thoughts get stuck, stretching and creating stressful situations. Contemplate first and then decide from the known, experienced theories, who or what you are following with your thoughts. It’s a mistake to get acquainted with only one theory and follow it blindly with every thought. That is bigotry.
Thoughts are the manifestations of our creative power. The preparedness of our thoughts define the present and the future of our being. In order to achieve complex thinking, we have to get familiar with the mentality of other cultures, in space and time as well. This is the mythology of mankind. Until people don’t sort out their thoughts and mentality, they could very easily become their own enemies. They knock themselves out with their contradictory nonsense. Endlessly repeating their old grievances, continuously absolving themselves, saying that they are only poor victims. Seeing themselves constantly as victims, they run through their guts the “me the victim, me the miserable, me the sufferer, me the hopeless, me the…” orders.
What can the poor 1st, 2nd, 3rd numbered lower bodies do?
Take on board the higher body’s commands, thoughts and manifest it in their own way. As emotional cramps, as consumed energy, anguished, sad, panicking, hopeless bodies. Gastric ulcer, gall problems, high blood pressure, nervous weakness, muscular cramps, lumbago, spinal herniation (rachikele), hair loss, inflammations and all the symptoms of stress.
An integral part of the Taltos School Curriculum is teaching all these phenomena, their recognition and the liberation from them. Solving disturbances of the mental body is possibly the hardest challenge of healers, because the sick person has to change their own way of thinking and not an external system, for example their nutrition or bed location. In case of mental body disturbances, the healer has to gift the person with a completely new way of thinking. Unfortunately people cling to their self-destructive thoughts like to their purse. They nursed and cherished them and finally they turned against them!
There is a very important thing to be recognized here. Not even a little baby can be changed, nor can an adult. But anyone can change by their own will! However this has a secret.
We have to change our mentality. The stressful syndromes could be even stronger for a clever, well educated, well skilled person. They need a dominant healer, whom they can accept as an advisor. School qualifications are usually existing knowledge input into the brain. In none of the schools, not even universities, teachers will ask the question: “What do you think?” Memorization and learning of ready-made knowledge, created schemes, stated definitions and their application is the task.
No thinking or thought does even appear here yet. A clever person might know a lot, but thought has nothing to do with it. If a well-educated person reads the “Big thinkers, big thoughts” book, will surely realise this. Wisdom is a beautiful human attribute, where the warmth of pure feelings walks hand in hand with the cold, indelicate, dry knowledge. Only a wise person can help a mentally confused person.
Wisdom comes from life experiences and mostly from the spiritual world’s ageless immortality. The mother of wisdom and its ambassador was Maat the Egyptian Goddess here on Earth. The Greek, Hindu, Parthus, Hungarian gurus are all representatives of Her spirituality.
A mentally confused and stressed person can be helped by neither a clever nor a kind, good willed simple healer. Only by a healer who is endowed with the armour of wisdom. A healer who is able to receive and circulate the higher spirituality.