In our opinion, reflexology is a part of energetics. It’s task to signal and to transmit energy. It’s a new method to make the sickness of the organs indicated by the spinal vertebrae, the aura, iris diagnosis, and mimiography more obvious. Just like the other therapies, foot massage plays the larger role in prevention. Constitutional weaknesses can be predicted a long time before the disease, for example susceptibility to diabetes can be felt on the foot years before the disease. The development of the disease can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle, and a good therapy, like foot massage. By transmitting energy to the weakened organs through appropriate zones on the feet, results can be arhieved even with developed diseases, like pollinosis, bronchitis, allergic rashes, indigestion, cysts etc.
Our organs are reflected on the feet, just as on the hands, scalp, ears, nose, face, eye irises, lips and tongue. The way it’s working in a symbol system, if an organ is energetically weakened, it will give an indication. In a car, there is a small light that starts flashing when the oil pressure is low. In the human body, this light can be seen trough reflexology.
It might be a dark area on the iris, a wrinkle on the face, a kink on the scalp, a small hump, or dislocation in the zone of the appropriate organ on the feet.
If these signs are discovered early enough, with some kind of diagnostic method, the weak organ has to be given energy to set the balance back to normal. If signs are ignored, the body shows more drastic signs to let people know of the damage, and those signs are the disease itself.
Getting back to the car example, the indicator light stops flashing, and is on all the time. If no action is taken, the engine of the car will be ruined. With people, the specific organ might stop functioning.