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Nearly all of people who admire nature resent the fact that pest control has to appear in nature, in the eco-system, in natural waters, in the running water and in our food. It poses a serious health threat to people and to other living organisms. We have to urgently reduce our dependency on chemicals during food production.

To those interested, we present the fruit of decades-long research, a product family that has delivered excellent results in the past few years by solving the emotional and spiritual problems of people and animals.


Wonders of nature, plants, become more and more prone to illnesses, fungi and pests due to the damage to their pure elemental reality caused by acid rains, blocked trace elements in the soil, fertilizers, and the shift from gardening to industrialization.

The weakness of the defending aura of a plant can be measured with a bio-tensor. With Matrix Drops products we are able to bring the plants in such balance that their aura will grow significantly.

We dilute selected Matrix Drops with clear water in large quantities then we spray the plants with this clear elixir which is void of chemicals.

It is known that fungi and other pests emerge where they find the weakness of a plant. It can be written up to lack of trace or mineral elements, or emotion. For Spring and Fall spraying, we have devised Matrix Drops products which contain various combination of information necessary to prepare the plant for the upcoming, more demanding season.

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The inner warming power of plants can be increased during spring frosts and they can also be prepared for heat strokes. Other preventions include preparing plants for drought, inland inundation, for more efficient flower budding, getting them ready to be able to ward off pests and strengthening them to become more resistant to fungi.

It is a real challenge to extract the blocked trace elements in the soil due to the use of fertilizers. Boosting energies of lovely lawns in gardens also hasn’t escaped our attention. Due to the positive effects of a quintessence researched and developed by us, plants can become stronger and regain their vitality. Of course not only can it make them blissful but also the people who have green fingers.

In many cases children as well as adults with refined senses can see the aura increase of a plant with the naked eye or may be able to perceive it with their hands, while others may measure it with bio-tensor.

The gentle touch of the auras of plants can be perceived in gardens, yards and plantations where the Matrix Drops have been used. In such places animals around the house are calmer and all the birds from the neighborhood flock there. Owners coming home and family members visiting share their feelings how plants relieve them of their stress and burden.

We do not have to wait for long to experience real changes in our garden. In some places, due to the infestations of neighboring gardens and other areas, pest problems may reoccur. However, even in these cases over a span of 2-3 years, our plants are going to gain such power that it will be impossible for them to fall prey to parasites.

In our experimental farms, users of Matrix Drops tell about wonderful changes.

To mention a few cases:
– 4-5 year-old children ask whether they can take part in the spraying. They nearly instinctively feel the grateful stroking by the auras of trees and grass.

– The leaves of radish were pierced by jumping plant lice in many places. However, the holes vanished after the spraying and the leaves could recover from their injuries.

– Flowers bloomed on young, 2-3 year-old cherry trees and they wonderfully strengthened and brought fruits. However, these saplings did not even get tired, but rather they expanded their crown at a speed unknown to science.

– Despite having died at the stake, the branches of a pear tree grew out and their sprouts were so strong that they brought an unmeasurable amount of fruit.

Share your results with us so that we may continue our list with your experience!

We wish you success and happiness at the service of your plants! Principally the praises belong to those farmers who plan the future with good intentions and with positive conception, which cannot go without the wonderful and healthy plant culture either. Matrix Drops would like to help with this holographic idea with its own, unique way.

The aforementioned Matrix Drops products mostly have complex information.

Research continues and in cases where special problems are presented we will spare no effort to examine your requests and enrich the Matrix Drops family with new products to defend plants.

Matrix Drops products at the service of plants and bees:

2001 MD to help the soil and strengthen the aura. Use of this Matrix Drops product is recommended in parallel with all other Matrix Drops products.
2002 MD to repel pests – with energy boost -weekly
2003 MD to repel pests– with energy boost – once a month
2004 MD for fungal infections as well as prevention –weekly
2005 MD for fungal infections as well as prevention – once a month
2006 MD for growth problems of plants –weekly
2007 MD for growth problems of plants – once a month
2008 MD in case of injuries – usage depends on the severity
2009 MD to prepare for ample sunshine, or when sun stroke is expected
2010 MD to prepare for spring frosts, or use before a cold front
2011 MD in case of lot of rain, inland inundations, over watering –weekly
2012 MD distress elixir – in case of absence of the farmer – weekly (principally indoor plants suffer from the absence of the owner)
2013 MD for cleansing after winter and spring
2015 MD to assist budding of flowers
2016 MD for linden trees – weekly
2017 MD for cacti – weekly
2018 MD for grass – weekly
2019 MD for bees – daily, if possible. First use it without dilution, then dilute.
2020 MD for bees – once a month. First use without dilution, then dilute.
Dose: in case of an urgent need, the MD indicated to be used weekly can be applied daily.
Don’t worry about overdosing! It is not possible with Matrix Drops.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the spraying equipment and water used for spraying!
With the increase in the amount of spraying water, there’s a proportionate and significant decrease in the amount of Matrix Drops. Please follow these guidelines:
To 1L water 5ml (around. 2 bottle caps) MD
To 10L water 15ml (around.1/3 of a 50mL bottle) MD
To 100L water 50ml (1 bottle) MD
To 1000L water 250ml (1 / 4 liter) MD
To 2000L water 500ml (1 / 2 liter) MD