Sun tanning and vitamin D in a life saving, revolutionary combination for new external and internal beauty!
Miracle of quantum physic’s and the alchemist’s secret combined in one product line has opened a new door in the world of cosmetics.
With the Matrix Drops Day cosmetics we can enjoy sun tanning without synthetic chemical sun protection factors, and yet we don’t have to worry about unpleasant sun damage symptoms. Completely unique concept based technology, provides external and internal sun protection – the Day cream together with the Matrix Drops number: 333; these complement and strengthen each other. This way, sun tanning can become a health contributor and factor into relaxation time.
Sun tanning is unavoidably important, primarily to allow the body to produce more Vitamin D. High levels of Vitamin D protect against certain sicknesses, and its deficiency increase the risk of development of a number of serious disorders. Due to circumstances caused by modern life and years of unscrupulous propaganda in the world (with a few exceptions within a group of nations); Vitamin D deficiency became the cause of many chronic illnesses. Today, it is common knowledge in the spectrum of driving causes of cancer that lack of Vitamin D is placed under high importance!
The Matrix Drops cosmetics are the first products made based on information built upon quantum physics methods. This is unlike any commercial product with typical built-in sun protection factors used to protect against sun damage.
Unbeknownst skin protection up until now with effective and visible results.
The cosmetics’ built-in information protects skin’s optimal hydration and helps restore its original beauty.
Substances are impregnated with resonances from precious stones natural components.
Perfect harmonization of skin structure.
Perfect tan without sun burn.
External-Internal Beauty:
– Synergistic effect of Matrix Drops cosmetics makes it possible to obtain a nice tan and transform the skin to a healthy and beautiful state.
-One of the protection’s main trade secrets is the aura increase effect.
Upper elbow: Sun tanning without skin protection
Lower elbow: Sun tanning while using Matrix Drops Day cream
How to sun tan while using Matrix Drops cosmetics and drops?
For purposes of a more intense sun tan it is recommended to start taking Matrix Drops number: 333
Use the Matrix Drops Day Cream regularly half an hour before sun tanning; paying special attention to more frequent application for wet skin.
Following sun exposure, shower and apply the Matrix Drops Day and Night cream facially, and Matrix Drops Body Cream on the rest of the skin surfaces. It is recommended to apply the Matrix Drops Body Spray number: 333 on our body during sun tanning.
Start our tanning gradually and expose to sun with caution after a long period of absence from sunny climate; moreover, UV light and UVB rays are the most optimal between times of 11:00 and 15:00 essential for Vitamin D synthesis. In the early morning hours of 8:00 to 11:00, and late afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00, we can spend more time under the sun; however Vitamin D synthesis is lower at these time intervals of the day.
UVA radiation can give a nice tan, but can also cause serious skin damage if abused. UVA radiation penetrates deeper into layers of skin than UVB radiation. During sun tanning we should drink more water than we normally do.
There has been an increase in number of research publications describing positive effects of sun tanning. Among these, the most outstanding researchers are Michael F. Holick PhD, MD, Professor at the Boston University School of Medicine and Robyn Lucas who completed a PhD in Epidemiology and Population Health and is now an Associate Professor at the ANU (Australian National University) College of Medicine, Biology and Environment in Canberra. Both Michael F. Holik and Robyn Lucas report the following findings:
-Sunlight helps in Vitamin D generation, which is known to decrease chances of developing osteoporosis.
– Insufficient Vitamin D intensifies the risk of development of breast-, prostate- and other tumors.
– Proper exposure to sun-rays has a beneficial effect for various skin problems; even chances of survival of patients with melanomas increases; bearing in mind that this illness tends to appear frequently on areas of the body typically covered with clothing, and geographically higher instances of occurrence moving toward the northern hemisphere from the equator, where the time of direct sunlight exposure is lower.
-Heat radiation generated from the sun alleviates joint problems.
-Sufficient amount of Vitamin D shields against illnesses of the auto-immune thyroid gland.
– It stimulated calcium absorbance into bone structure essential for preserving their strength and integrity.
– Furthermore Vitamin D helps prevent some other calcium deficiency related disorders and symptoms: i.e. moods swings, depression, asthma, certain heart problems, diabetes, and obesity.