“About Myself…

My warmest greetings to the Dear Reader!
Before you would start reading my new book, I feel you should know more about the events that have happened during my life; events that may seem to be separate ones at first sight, but once they are built upon each other and start connecting and opening up, they make a coherent whole. As each book does not merely “contain” the writer, but also the reader, I feel the precondition to completely understand this book is to be aware of the above-mentioned events. The following line of thoughts resonates with the stories that had left their traces in my soul.




We have actually reached he point how and why this book was written? In my opinion, everyone who is too sure of their own world view may be surprised.
I had experienced my first metaphysical experience when I was nine. My grandmother died next to me in a tragic car crash, and, as I realized later, I also “died”. The short film of my nine years of life was shown to me, which was followed by my encounter with the Heavenly Light supported by the music of the spheres. The wonderful woman who appeared in front of me as a Light protected me and brought me back to this earthly life.
Naturally, I only understood the message of this encounter later, when I grew old enough.
I experienced a new miracle at Lake Balaton, which I could not explain back then. One night our sailboat ran aground in the middle of the Lake. It took me and my friends many hours of struggle to free the large sailboat from the captivity of sand. The thought that it might just be the beginning of our ordeal never crossed our minds. There were five of us in the boat, me, my friend and my children and we all remember very well the things that happened. We were about two kilometers from the pier of Tihany when we found ourselves, in a flash, a 30-minutes ride beyond the pier. Suddenly the clear starry night turned into a milk-white fog in front of our eyes. In the middle of the Lake a brilliant floodlit object, looking like a floating stage, appeared close to us in an inexplicable way and then it seemed to pass us by at high speed. We reached our destination at 2 a.m. At least we thought we did. When we tried to board our boat, we saw on the harbor’s board which appeared from the fog that we were in Balatonszemes instead of Balatonlelle, more than ten kilometers from the place we wanted to get to.
As I understood years later, we jumped time during this mystic night. Our boat was saved from the collision by a strange spirit force; we might have been the victims of that night. The sight of the milk-white fog and the inexplicable light sources and the peculiarity of returning to time shook us all, and we cannot forget this strange experience ever since.
Another time I was giving lectures for six hundred people in Szeged for two days. At the same time another thirty of my students saw me giving a presentation on the stage of a technical fair in front of hundreds of people. When they told me this, I tried to persuade them that is was impossible, because I could prove I was in town Szeged at the same time. My students of Budapest stuck to their statement and they even listed – unanimously – the topics of my presentation.
A similar event happened to me in Csíksomlyó, in one of Transylvania’s holy places. Some local official persons told that they had met me there, while, in fact, I was in a repair garage in Hungary.
Later I had to admit that the phenomenon bilocation is existing reality.
Similar phenomena as the one that occurred to me might occur to anyone else; however, as I am a well-known person, such simultaneous appearances can easily be compared and proved later.
I had a shaking experience with my own health, too. When I was twenty, I was diagnosed with lung cancer during a regular check-up. It was the first time in my life that I realized: the learned knowledge cannot solve every problem. There were no promising ways to cure this disease. The strange grace of life is that I met an elderly man whose spinal hernia problems I – the chiropractor, a former electrical engineer – managed to solve without any surgical intervention.
The dear old man heard what had happened to me and offered his help. He told me that the energies around me are all wrong and he would be glad to see where my bed was standing.
Without knowing where I slept, he pointed at the spot where my chest was placed at nights.
“Earth radiation node” – he told me. I did not really understand what he told me, but I had nothing to lose, so I moved the bed to another place within my bedroom. I started to feel better and better each day. Seeing that I started to believe in his guidance through my positive experience, he initiated me into the secrets of the next big step. I was allowed to visit a spirit healer through whose spiritual intercession I could ask for a new lung from the Heavens.
Then the check-up CT had negative results. (I am not surprised, if you, Dear Reader, are startled by these facts for a second, but I must tell the truth).
From hence it was no question for me what would follow my career as an electrical engineer. I have acquired the knowledge of radiesthesia, the techniques of spirit surgery and searched for the keys of secrets. First a dentist visited me and asked me to give her mother, who went blind three years ago, some spiritual help. Returning from the deep conscience to consciousness, she started reading aloud from the book that was lying on the table. I was more startled from this result than the old lady.
I summoned deaf people to the Congress Centre of Budapest to experience the spiritual forces. Three hundred and twenty people accepted my invitation; many of them lost their hearing decades ago. There was clearly a positive change in everyone and while two hundred and eighty six people regained their hearing completely.
Another time glaucomatous eyes were cured, diopters reduced, axes of cross eyes corrected. I have elaborated a previously unknown new technique to help people suffering from spinal complaint, who were scheduled to be operated, without medical intervention. As a result, thousands of people could avoid surgery, including well-known doctors, professors and a series of famous personalities.
Spiritual gifts were being given to those who believed in the spiritual method I represented. Hundreds of patients, adults and children with cancer and leukemia – declared to be incurable – made a statement to the press, in radio and television shows that they recovered completely after my spirit healing.
My dear inviters, who live in Canada, Australia and in the United States of America, could also admire this spiritual system.
The miracle of discoveries led me to solve the spiritual and physical codes of diabetes. Many people, adults and children, managed to put aside and live without even thirty units of insulin for good. If I remember well, more than three hundred people managed to get rid of this seemingly incurable condition only during the first year.
My activity has been inspired by immense spiritual help from the very beginnings. All of my patients understood that success depends primarily on their approach.
Whoever sought solution with me found a system; however, if someone reasoned with me making objections to my recommendations, hoped for healing in vain.
An elderly man who cured animals gave one of the biggest spiritual experiences of my life. I tried to find out how he did his beneficent work. At first he did not want to talk about it, but when I helped cure his partial loss of hearing, a condition he was suffering from for twenty years, he told me his secret. I was tense to hear what methods he would list. He told me simply: ”When I am called to see an ill animal, I take its head and I know, God will help me!”. Does God help? If such an event escapes one’s attention, one misses just the essence. It was the first time I saw the miracle that someone gets help through the highest and finest celestial channels, without using any techniques.
Mountain people living among the Zemplén Hills told me that when the vets give up on an ill animal, there is only one person who can help: István. Him or someone through him: Someone whom István always praised loudly, from all of his heart.
During my work I realized that each person has seven levels of manifestation, “seven bodies”. Out of them, our physical body is well visible and can be controlled. Our energy body can only be felt through our aura. Our emotional, mental, relationship, psychic and spiritual bodies are existing, but invisible realities, which can be measured with radiesthetic methods.
If there is disorder in any of our bodies, such problems will be projected onto our physical body after some time. If we identify and solve the problem in time, the problems will not appear on the physical level.
I have elaborated a methodology how disorders in the seven bodies can be identified and corrected easily. I have gained my experience by measuring the fine bodies, the auras of more than four hundred thousand people.
If there is trouble in any of our seven worlds, we can solve them at our own levels. It is not enough to know our finer and finer worlds; we also need to arrange our lower levels to achieve complete recovery.
My convictions gained from practical experience and everything I could experience during that time often overwrote the things I knew from the world earlier and the knowledge I had gained. Today I only acknowledge things as my own if I have made sure of them myself, and not when I was convinced of them. Reality surpassed my imagination and all the miracles I could undergo and experience. I had to admit that – as multi-dimensional creatures – we are the children of multi-universal laws, not just of universal laws. Our past does not exist until we measure it in present.”