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The Avalon Magic Health Ltd. was established in October 2011 and is based on the health harmonization system of Andras Kovacs-Magyar  who’s reached great success worldwide 25 years already. The Celts were brothers of Hungarian ancestors and we have come to Ireland the land of  Celts, to spread  the ancient universal knowledge again.​

We all need to wake up to consciousness of the most important fact that only we ourselves are responsible for our health and can’t  blame anyone if the disease will find us!​
Quite simply, we have to live the way ,we can live a long, healthy, happy life  and this way we can thank every day to our Lord Creator  the opportunity to live on the Earth! 

Our mission is to introduce you those factors of the invisible world  that adversely affect any of our 7 bodies, and thus are able to tilt the balance and harmony of our information.